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Who is Giggleboos?

My name is Samantha and you’ve guessed it, I’m a working mom with a full-time job and a wonderful 2-year-old boy, and I absolutely love  it.  

I love my work in the sense that it’s something for me to use my  professional skills I’ve accumulated throughout my career, and I’m lucky enough to have an understanding workplace that understands my  importance of a work/family balance, and my boy Dom is what I strongly think is my greatest work in my entire life, and I’m so grateful for the moment I became his mother in 2017.  

 But it’s through this balance that I experienced first-hand how difficult it can be to manage both, so I became an expert at sourcing  the best tips and hacks, as well as advice and guidance on how to provide the best for both worlds, and anything time-saving was magical  for me. Bubba has a lot of toys, but I kept wanting to get more  appropriate ones for him because the ones he had were either from  parties that would have been months (and months!) ago, hand me downs, or items that were bought at a whim to stop him from losing it every time  we went out. If I went online shopping for his toys, I’d either get overwhelmed at what to get, or the choices available. What limited time we could spend together, I would much rather spend it doing something he  absolutely enjoys, like the zoo, or going and visiting his cousins, or  just spending a day all of us cuddling on the couch.  

 As a lover of subscription boxes, I realised there wasn’t anything  out there that really suited my needs. It was also around this time  when I realised that I wasn’t the only one: parents all around me were  having the same predicament. Working moms, working dads, working  families, even moms who had their hands full at home, this box would  help their lives. 

That’s how Giggleboos was born.

Giggleboos would solve that dilemma: good quality toys and books that helped him grow and learn, delivered right to my doorstep, with an added bonus of the delight bubba would get everytime he opens a new Giggleboos box.  

I truly hope Giggleboos can help you. I know first-hand that as parents, we want the absolute best for our kids, and that means working hard to provide the quality of life we want to give them, spending time with them so just to show them how much we love them (trust me, our kids know, but who wouldn’t want more cuddles and laughs), and helping them grow and develop to be the adults we hope they become. I sincerely hope  Giggleboos can help you, even in that tiniest sense, bring a few more giggles into your family one way or another.   

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